Blindsided, Bon Iver

There is something about Bon Iver that makes me want to hole up inside a cabin in the middle of the woods reading books or sit around a bonfire all night with friends telling stories and drinking warm apple cider, looking up at the stars. I never realized how much I appreciated the Midwest and the outdoors until I left (or, really, until about a year after I left). I don’t say this in a wistful way, but in a legitimately regretful way - the last time I tried to go camping, I didn’t make it through the whole night in the woods, and now there’s little I wouldn’t give for an autumn night in a tent, believe it or not.

I’m visiting Illinois and Missouri in November, and I lucked out in that I’ll be making my way there just as I’m missing the leaves that crunch under your feet and that crisp, cool smell of fall.

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